Fix the growth bug

Let’s discuss ideas for helping out with this!

One idea is to create more of an incentive for users to introducing Flowx to their friends and acquaintances. This can be done by offering discounts on premium, or even a limited period of free premium as a bonus for a certain amount of recruitment of new users (and potentially dependent on what plan the recruitment sign up for).

I know cellphone carrier companies and electric scoter rental companies that do apply similar models.

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Thanks @Ohan,

I am just about to go into a phase of bug fixing (incl. widgets), stability, speed, polish and growth. This means no major features for a few months. But I will improve existing features in minor ways and maybe add some more data.

Essentially, I’ve spent 7-8 years developing features ahead of growth. So now I focus on growth. The plan is simple:

  1. grow enough to hire help
  2. hire help to grow faster
  3. repeat until Duane can spend time making cool features :slight_smile:

I have considered offers to users for sharing. All the subscriptions and payments are handled by Google and they have limited ways to do this. Promo codes are probably the closest to what we need. The other thing is that the privacy on Android is quite good. If a users shares a Flowx link with friends, I cannot see who they shared it with, to how many people, what platform they shared it to or even if they finished the share process. So I would have to create a unique code, they can share and then resolve this code on the new install and grab a promo code. I’m also limited to 400 promo codes per quarter I think. Certainly doable but a bit of work. Because of the limited number of promo codes, I’ll have to identify the high use users since they might have like minded friends.

It’s important to get users that value the data in the app. People that don’t find much value in the data tend to misinterpret the data and complain about accuracy.

That said, I think users that like Flowx are already sharing the app with friends.

I have noticed growth comes from exposure on the wider internet. So I plan to get more Flowx content out there. I’ve nearly finished a movie maker so users can share Flowx videos. More OpenZones. I’m also considering OpenZones for other things like sports events.

Also I need to improve the on-boarding. New users find the learning curve steep.


This sounds cool!

So far I’ve been using “Ez ScreenCorder”.

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@duane is this something that you are working on now, plan to actually be working on soon, or ponder if it is a time-effective way of generate growth?

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It’s a bit of work, very fiddly, it’s not clear if it’ll be a smooth process, and the return on invested time is not clear.

Contrast that to a movie maker that many users share with a Flowx link that when clicked will open an instant app of Flowx with that location.

The first is a “user to a few friends in a closed circle” process and the latter is a “user to many (the whole internet)” process.


Yes, I agree with your thinking, given the complications of the circumstances.

I’m assuming that you have been thinking of the obvious: to make gif one of possible formats from the movie maker.

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Animated GIF is on the list but probably not in the first release but soon after.


Any progress?
There’s been a quiet good long week now.
(Been on vacation perhaps? :sweat_smile:)

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Just the movie maker. It’s been a tough month or two. We’re also trying to build a house which is a time consuming and disruptive process. But I have been thinking I should take a vacation or not work for a week.

Cheers, Duane.


Yes, after a tough period both the body and mind needs some rest.

I recommend a restful vacation including some light exercise in the nature!

It does wonders for your health!

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