[Fixed] Edit "from time" in widget settings. (not just total number of days.)

In the “Edit place” setting, you can adjust both the start and end of the time.

Red marking pointing out the "-1"days for starting time being yesterday:

I mostly prefer this so that it is always possible to go back some in time and se what how fast weather around me is travelling, and how well the different models are matching the radar of this particular wather formation.

So I’ve gotten youse to “always” seeing “yesterday” in the far ledt of the graphs.

But for the widget this setting is not available:

So the number of times that I’ve been mistaken what day I’m looking at in the widget/main app have increased with time.

Please add this setting, that already exist in the “Edit place”, to the “Edit Widget”.

Best regards!

Yep, was high on the todo list but I think I forgot about it. I’ll move it up the list.


Yes, that would be great!