[Fixed] New full-screen bug in Beta 3.322

I’m notesing a change in behavior with regards to the full-screen since beta Release 3.322:

To reproduse:

  1. Go to settings in Flowx, and make sure that the full-screen setting is unselected.
  2. Go back to main (map) screen.
  3. Tap the three dot menue in the top right corner: while the drop down menue is visible, flowx goes into full-screen (the system row at the top with the clock gets hidden).
  4. Tap info, and the system row temporarily comes back.
  5. Tap, OK, to close info, system row is gone again.

I’ve seen this behavior in both Android 7.1.1 and in 8.1.0.

Hope this helps debugging!

Continuing the discussion from Release 3.322 (8 Apr 2021) Beta:

it only does it while the 3 dot menu is selected then it goes back to normal.
I could be wrong it’s happened once before but I think it does this do to different screen sizes

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I’ve had it both stay full-screen, and go back to non-full-screen once closing the 3 dot menu.

I have not yet been able to see the pattern of when it stays and when it goes back.

that’s all it does. you select the 3 dots it goes to full screen then when you tap the dots again or tap to go back to normal operation it reverts back. I think it has something to do with different screen sizes

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I had to force the menus to disappear because the menus would block the data source selector for air quality.

There is a bug where if you have full screen mode off, this still happens. I’ll fix this in the next release.


Well done!

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