Flowx 3.094 dropped in Beta

3.092 was so a few hours ago. I’m over it. We’re up to 3.094 now.

I think I fixed the Android 9 (yes Android 9 again) network security issue.

  • World View (see the world without joining the Navy)
  • updated many libraries with the hope to fix some widget update issues.
  • Improved some rendering speeds.

Warning: more zoom, more downloads. And in the wise words of Biggie Smalls “Mo money, mo problems”

I’ll improve the tile loading with respect to zoom levels but please do let me know if you see unacceptable loadings.

Yes, prematurely had a couple of wines to celebrate 3.092, which is why I’m super confident 3.094 will fly with passing colours.

Cheers, Duane.


The data is back - the charts are back - so far it’s looking good - :+1:

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