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I use Flowx app for almost a year and I have GOLD PLAN and I’m very happy with the app. The data and simulations are really impressive! I know Flowx is designed for phones and tablets but it would be very nice if Flowx was also available on a computer or MAC, as a desktop version. Is that in the plans, and is it possible at all?

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Most things are on the plan but it depends on how hard it is to do and how many people want it.

Writing for and also maintaining another platform is a major job so it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon.

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lol, on PC using mouse for the timeline would be a disaster

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Maybe PLAY and PAUSE buttons could help? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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this is the closer example i found to a similar timeline’s control that is already developed on a pc website.

is functional, but is poorly rendered and far away than the beauty of Flowx interface (that is not using hover, but click’n’drag).

i dont know if i can post the link, if @duane thinks that is to be deleted, delete it.


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Here is a click friendly link:


I’m not a fan of play/pause buttons and I haven’t heard a convincing argument for adding one.

Play/Pause buttons lack control so you have to add extra settings to allow the user to control the speed, loop mode, range, etc… You get all this and more with the swipe function.

And it’s frustrating when you see something during the play loop and you have to wait for the next loop to see it again.

Play/Pause buttons are just not user friendly.


I occasionally cast Flowx to my TV screen via a Chromecast plugged into the TV. That way, you use Android finger controls and get an image the size of your TV screen. A great way to show others what Flowx can do.


That’s just amazing!

Well…I believe Windows 11 will have the Google Play Store as part of it. Now sadly Windows 11 has stiff hardware requirements (8th gen Core I, TPM 2 ).

Now I use FlowX on my Pixelbook and it looks great on it! :slight_smile:


@zebradude Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for Using Flowx

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