Flowx Pro/Premium stats? / What made you upgrade to pro?


I was curious to know if there was any stats on the most used features in the pro/premium version (or if we could try to generate “some” stats as part of this thread)

Which pro tier is most interesting to you and why? What feature was a must have for you in the bronze, silver or gold tier?


I have no say in any of this but I was also wondering if a similar structure for the pro model might work:

Free = Global weather models (GFS, ECMWF, ICON, CMC).
Bronze/Silver = Extended range forecast, editing graphs, map styles
Gold = Regional models?

Would you organize the tiers differently than what they are now?


Being able to see more local detail is important to me, as are frequent updates. That said, Rain Radar in combination with my favourite and most reliable data source (Meteo France Arpege), give me the best feel for what’s imminent and what’s coming later - I’m in the UK btw.
Another important reason for me subscribing to the Gold Tier is supporting Duane, who must be the friendliest and most accessible developer there is. Regards and I HTH, Pete

  1. supporting Duane
  2. more local detail
  3. More data sources


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Having now upgraded to pro here are the features I was most looking for:

  • Graph Editor (for editing the widget to add an hourly precipitation label on the left side, a temperature label on the right side and to add a temperature line and a freeze line so that I can gauge if the precipitation will be rain or snow from the widget).

  • ICON Model 13km (since the ECMWF model is 36km, I wanted a potentially more reliable global model with higher resolution, although I’m still debating if CMC GDPS 15km would be enough…)

  • CMC RDPS (to compare CMC GDPS 15km with CMC RDPS 10km, I wanted to see if the more frequent updates or better resolution would be useful, I generally only care to see 4 days out).

  • The extra map styles (the dark one specifically) are excellent.

Since I’m not out boating I think I’m still happy with the 6 hour update rates/10-15km resolutions.

I would add I (personally) didn’t upgrade to Gold purely due to the cost compared to other monthly services I pay for (password manager/email) just for feedback sake. 1$ a month seemed right for my weather needs compared to those services. The app is definitely worth subscribing to though.


Good to hear the feedback. Note, GDPS only updates twice a day (12 hourly), not 6 hourly.

I’m not sure how it’ll work, but you could upgrade to Gold at critical times and downgrade after that. Especially if you like in a region that is covered by HRRR with hourly forecast releases and 15 minute time frames - most data has 1 hour time frames.

Cheers, Duane.


I share this opinion.