Font color on widget

I have a hard time reading the text on the wiget mainly the city and the refresh zone which are in a blue colir that is bearly readble. Can we have that change for something that is easier to read?
I don’t have any color related medical condition. :slight_smile:


@Hedoland Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for Using Flowx


Hi @Hedoland and welcome to the forum!

I think that the text collor is not currently possible to change, but that this capability, via a theme editor is on the to do list.

However what you can do now is to play around with the color options for the graph.
Go to Menue > Editor > Graphs > “Monkeys Wedding” > then tap the bottom in the upper right corner with a symbol of a palette > and try different themes for that graph.

Tap the refresh button on the widget for it to have effect.

Another option is to make the widget bigger vertically (and perhaps increase the allowed number of graphs in the widget setting) to allow for a second graph, since the standard second graph normally have black background where this text is displayed.

Hi, that front color is wrong. It only happens with a certain mix of settings. I’ll look to fix it.

But, yes, as @Ohan says, this will be part of a theme editor one day.