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Hi Duane,

Thanks for a great app. A wonderfull job. I have a question on which I know you have an answer, even though I might not like it. I can’t find any topic about this.
I wonder if it is possible to chance the Canadian forecast for an European forecast. So there is a possibility to make this happen in the ‘lower’ subscriptions? I have no idea of the financial consequences for you. It would make a comparison between two different predictions possible.
Much obliged for considering my request.

best regards


@EJBoek Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for using Flowx. There is CMC GDPS. I have London loaded is that what you’re asking?

Hi @EJBoek,

Currently, the forecasts are sorted into the subscription levels based on the resolution of the model and how specialised the data is (e.g., smoke data):

  • free = 20km+
  • bronze = 20km+
  • silver = 10-20km
  • gold = 0-10km

I don’t know what financial effects moving forecasts around for some users but not for others but it’s unlikely to improve them.

But the bigger issue would be the added complexity and follow-on effects.

Adding “if-this-then-that” situations in the code adds complexity which leads to slower development and maintenance issues.

Also regarding the follow-on effect, if I start modifying for one case, others will ask for other cases. I’ve had users ask to pay just for one model which would lead to a nightmare managing all products.

I like to keep things as simple as possible.

Cheers, Duane.


Hi @BrianLY-38,
I don’t think I understand what you mean. Do you mean the Canadian data covers Europe, with London as center?
Thanks, Edwin.

Hi Duane,
My question/suggestion is somewhat different.
Let’s say NOAA GFS is the standard data source. Now you have one extra source (CMC GDPS). My suggestion is to make the second a preference one. For North America one could choose CMC GDPS, but for Europe it could be EUMETSAT (I think it is called). For Asia another one. So it would be for everybody.
And for financial consequences I meant how much you have to pay to incorporate the data in your system.
Thanks, Edwin.

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@EJBoek it’s all good I miss understood you and you misunderstood me :joy:

@EJBoek, I think I understood correctly.

The global models in Flowx are NOAA GFS, CMC GDPS and DWD ICON (and the wave and sea forecasts). The other models are all higher resolution regional. There are other global models available but are restricted or are costly.

EUMETSAT is satellite images and data. I think you mean ECMWF forecast model with 9km resolution. I don’t have this since it costs over $100k Euro per year!!

The only other global model is DWD Icon at 13km resolution, i.e., in silver. If I gave users a preference for the second option, everyone will choose ICON since it’s 13km compared to 25km resolution.

This will also open up a bag of worms because I can imagine users emailing saying they want to change their second option after the fact. It’ll get messy.


Thanks Duane,

My apologies. I misunderstood you. Thanks for explaining.

Greetz, Edwin.



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That’s OK. I have noticed that misunderstandings a lot for two reasons.

  1. different meaning for the same word, e.g., many users call the forecast model results “radar”
  2. what you mean and what I think you mean are totally different.

For example, initially I thought you wanted to choose between GDPS and ICON for your second model. But after your last email, I think you wanted the ECMWF data and to be able to use that instead of GDPS - am I right?

Cheers, Duane.


Yes Duane,
That was my question indeed. You might have guessed English is not my first language :sweat_smile:
But If I understand correctly with a silver subscription I have something that resembles this. Correct?

Grtzz, Edwin.


I didn’t guess English is not your first language. You English is fine.

Yes, with silver you get ICON. Where do you live? you might have high resolution data.

Actually, if you double click on a graph for comparing it’ll show you the data sources that cover you. Some will be in silver and maybe some gold. I need to improve the info in this compare mode.

Cheers, Duane.


Thanks for the compliment.
You are a fast responder…:wink:

I live in Europe, in The Netherlands.


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You’re just catching me at the right time.

Check out the Datasources. You have many nice datasources covering you.

I plan to add HARMONIES (your met service model) one day.

Cheers, Duane