Fronts (warm, cold, etc...)

Adding fronts (warm, cold, etc…) to Flowx is a common request. I have always responded that it’s currently a manual process by meteorologist and Flowx cannot do this for all data sources. But is research (using AI and machine learning, etc…) to do this automatically.

Well today, Ventusky has just released their iOS version with fronts:
Facebook post on Ventusky Fronts

I like seeing people push the boundaries and this is a good example. Congratulations to Ventusky - they have done well. I still expect it’s a major task running this against all models that they process.

I can hear you ask “When will Flowx get fronts?” - the answer is “I don’t know”.

I’m focusing on re-writing the back-end code so we can plot anything (e.g., UV, waves) in the graphs and do things like accumulated precipitation. I expect this will fill in the next 3-6 months.

Cheers, Duane.


Now on Android.

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@Alex What version number and release date is this?

What I see now in Google play is the one from from 21 June 2021:

And that is the version 15.3:

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Version 16.0 Beta.

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Ah, yes, I just signed up for beta…
Waiting “a few minutes”…

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I only use 4 weather apps Flowx main, RainViewer, Blitzurtung for lightning and the app that goes with my weather station.


For “now” weather I mainly use “Google Weather” - based on The Weather Channel model. Free and accurate.:full_moon_with_face:

Plus Flowx, of course, as my big picture weather app.:grin:

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Yes, the AI-fronts are cool!

Another thing Ventusky have done well is the “3D Globe”-rendering (bonus with the stars in the background).

@duane any plans for implementing something similar for the world-view in Flowx?

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