Full year of data animation world

It would be nice to see a full year of data or a few months as an animation
Radar and temp at least

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@77.iridium Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for Using Flowx I’m just a user myself but @duane Greatly Appreciates it.

@77.iridium the problem with that is the information is constantly changing so it would be inaccurate info.

More like historical year to date data like weatherspark has/had I am looking more for longer trends and patterns

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Sorry Sparkweather

@77.iridium I see what you’re saying not sure we’ll get a better answer from Duane but I think that might take up some room on his server.

Found this Video for year of radar, not interactive but interesting


@77.iridium Pretty Cool

That video is very cool. I enjoyed it.

Storing data for the months or entire year is super expensive. I have about 120GB for 5 days of data, so a year would be about 9TB of data. At a $1/GB/month, that’ll be $9000/month to store - eeeek.


@duane well I was half right :joy:

could you store a jpg image say one a day or two a day with a script and not all the data? Then make a movie end of year? Temperature and a radar?

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@77.iridium I have been known to be wrong before but I doubt it cause it took more than a photo or two a day to create. You can have a storm cell pop up and within a couple hours be gone it would be really clunky and to many people would complain. Overall great idea though just hard to implement

Oh, I thought you meant storing historic data so users can view any time in history, i.e., storing all data.

Yes, I could store the jpgs locally and generate a movie - it would be cool, but I have more than enough projects to do :slight_smile: I’m currently trying to create addresses for my island and after that build a robotic lawn mower.