Fullscreen mode

Hi some ideas regarding the Fullscreen mode.

Especially in landscape view, the Fullscreen mode is useful important.

  1. Dubletap on map to toggle between fullscreen mode on/off.

  2. Have fullscreen mode for map view, and for compare view be two independent settings.

  3. Option to hide the blue banner at the top in fullscreen mode. I know this might cause reactions so here are som though.
    A) 3 levels, (so dubble tap 3 times on map to get back to normal mode):

  • normal mode” (as fullscreen mode off now)
  • fullscreen mode” (as fullscreen mode on now)
  • fullscreen mode, hade core” (as fullscreen mode on now + hide the blue banner at the top)

Hide after a couple of seconds (so only two levels)
Make fullscreen hardcore mode what happens after a couple of seconds in fullscreen mode.

Just some thought…
(Still looking forward to radar… :sunglasses::grin::innocent:)

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@Ohan a lot of tapping I feel I should buy tap shoes :joy::joy: Have a Great Day as usual messing with ya