GFS (fv3) temperature forecasts

Hi everyone,
In my opinion Flowx is the best weather app ever :slight_smile:
But since model GFS fv3 has been included in my region (middle Europe) temperature forecasts are very less in comparison with another forecasts. For example, when other forecasts predicted 24 degrees, Flowx predicted 19 and real temperature was around 24. This situation happens each day. Average differences are 3-4 degrees. In older version GFS this problem was’nt existed.
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@karasek38 Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for using Flowx @duane Greatly Appreciates it. as for the temp you hit the nail on the head with “Prediction” local News here will say for example 92 deg. F Flowx will show 89 deg. F but my personal weather station my read higher or lower than both. Also each news station reports different Temps.


@karasek38 not saying @duane won’t try to improve on it because he is maticulus and takes a lot of Pride in Flowx. Forgot to mention GFS Fv3 is more accurate than the original GFS


Hi @karasek38,

Yeah, FV3 is quite different from the original GFS, and I liked the original better but NOAA has removed it.

Simulations can be better or worse in different regions, even different seasons. I have a couple of posts about this:

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