GFS upgrade to version 16.0 on 22 March 2021

NOAA is making some upgrades to the GFS model which improves predictions.

There may be some disruption to the MWW3 wave data.

For more details of the changes read: GFS v16.0 Upgrade

This is worth a quick read since it shows the complexity that goes into developing a weather simulation. For example,

Using a new scale-aware turbulent kinetic energy based moist eddy-diffusivity mass-flux vertical turbulence mixing scheme to better represent the planetary boundary layer processes

This is why it’s sad when naive people criticize weather simulations as not being accurate. Although, they are among the most accurate weather models we humans have ever made - ever. We are on the cutting edge of weather forecasting.


Very Interesting Thanks @duane for sharing :100::beers:

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Hey I actually knew what that snipped you quoted means! I used to do atmospheric CFD modeling just out of college. Exciting to see all the R&D manifest into real model improvements.