Global graph scale setting

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It would be neat to be able to set the scale for graphs globally. (And not once per every newly added location.)

@Ohan I think it would have to be a selectable option as some of my graphs are set for different values as topography is different so the values don’t need to be the same

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I actually decided graph ranges should be location-based because of temperature. You might have a temperature range at the tropics of 10-30C and at the sub-tropics of 0-20C. So global ranges would not work.


Yes, this should be possible, as it is now.

But that is actually not directly in conflict with:

A possibility is to put another checkbox in “edit place”.
just like the one for “Travel mode”.

It could be called “Use glabally set graph ranges”, or something like that.

When changing the graph ranges in any of the locations with this setting activated then the graph ranges for all the other locations that also have this setting activated would change together. (The locations with this setting not active are not affected.)

One important and, perhaps tricky part, of the logic, is that when this is activated in the second (and third and so on) place then the graph ranges should be read from the “global values” and overwrite the local values, not to overwrite the global values. (Perhaps use a pop up to confirm the overwrite, and/or have it go back to the previously saved local values upon deactivation of this setting).

But the first time it is activated it actually should save to the “global values” upon activation, to actually overwrite them, not to overwrite the local values in the first location.

Yes, I have thought about global ranges but as you explained it can be tricky. This leads to more code complexity and also more support issues. So there has to be a clear need for this.

Again, I always come back to this:

  • How big it the problem? - not very big??
  • How many users want it? - not many have expressed interest.
  • How complex is it? - adds UX/support and code complexity
  • What’s the “Wow factor”? - not very wow :slight_smile: