Header temp doesn't match predicted temp

On the widget and in the app, the temp shown in the header isn’t always matching the predicted temp for that time. In the example screenshot the header is saying that we’ll have an overnight low if 19. But the forecast (in the app) is for 39. It caught my eye because my quick look at the widget made me hope that we’d be getting snow instead of rain tonight!

Make & Model of Device: Moto Z4
Android Version:. 10
App Version: 3.354

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Seams odd.

Can you disclose the location and the data model you use, and I’ll try replicate this.

It’s Lincoln, NH, USA. NOAA GFS.


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Actually, I think I just figured out what’s going on and it’s not a bug. What’s happening is that the temp is plummeting throughout the day. So the noon temp is going to be the low, while the midnight temp is approximately the high. So its, actually just a really unusual weather event and not a bug in the app. The app is actually capturing it correctly. Sorry for the false alarm.

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Yes the “lowest temperature of the night” (blue digit in the header) is showing the temperature att noon the day after that night.

And the “highest temperature of the day” (red digit in the Heather is showing the high value from 3-6 am that morning.

So in this rare event the “night low” is from a point in time after the “day high” from the day after that night.

Not sure if that is the best behaviour, but also not sure if there is a much better alternative, that is caching all normal amd rare events without other stange side effects.

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the orange temp is the predicted high for the day the blue is the predicted low for the night

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Not really. And that’s the point here. That’s usually the case because the low is usually during the night and the high is usually during the day. But really the blue is the low for the 24hr period, and the orange is the high for the 24 he period. The confusion here occurred because it’s a weird weather day where the day is actually much colder than the night.

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Sorry, I haven’t been following the conversation but in Flowx, the high is calculate between midnight and midnight, and the low is calculated between midday and midday.