Heat Index or Wind Chill & Wind Direction


I request a heat index/wind chill on the temperature graph if possible (like what sometimes shows in the graph at the link below). Also showing wind direction in the wind/gusts chart with flags (again as displayed in the link below) would be great (for sailors and runners), but the heat index or wind chill (wind chill is most key) would be appreciated.


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Hi @jimbog!

Welcome to the forum, and thanks for posting your suggestions for features to add.

@duane keeps a long list of them, and when more people talk a about the same item it moves up the prio.

This one is on tle list since before.

He is in the middle of a major rewrite of the core code in order to release on ios with a common code base for ios and android, so new features might take longer time untill that is done.

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