Hello everyone.... from Italy

Hello, my name is Marshall0544 and write from Italy North. If someone want write me, send.

Welcome friends from Italy :slight_smile:

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:heart: The App I use it several times a day. Always looking forward to new features and upgrades. Thanks for all Your Hard Work and Dedication. :+1:

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Thanks. I enjoy developing the app so it’s easy to keep going at it.


Hi Marshall0544, Benvenuto from Vittorio in Provincia di Asti!

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Hello @Vittorio, hello @Marshall0544,

I hope you guys are holding up well over there. We’re isolated in NZ and it’s affecting life here a bit so I can only imagine life is well disrupted over there.

Hoping for the best.

Cheers, Duane.

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hi, Duane, good to hear from you. Are you in lockdown? We are here. We have to have a very good reason to even leave the house (doctor, groceries, etc.).

think about all you can get done with everyone in the world worrying about the virus rather than the weather!

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We aren’t in lockdown. We have travel restrictions, social distancing. No gatherings over 500 people. etc…

We’re in NZ but are due to go back to the Cook Islands soon. I’m semi-self-isolating for 14 days before I go.

My parents live on an outer island in the Cook Islands and all outer islands have blocked their border to incoming traffic.

There is a lot about the virus in the news. We’re trying to enjoy life while it’s semi-normal and trying to keep some sense of normality. This is why I’m fixing bugs and answering emails about the weather forecast being wrong :slight_smile:

Hope you’re still enjoying some of your good wine. I imagine you have a good stock to enjoy :slight_smile: