Help needed with Snow layer(Answered)

Hello everyone

New member but long-time Flowx user with Bronze Pro sub and recently applied for the Beta program. (Quick word of thanks to Duane for such a great app!)

Winter is coming to Canada and I was test driving the Snow layer feature but can’t seem to make it work.

I searched for any previous discussions about the topic and the closest I found was “[Fixed] Bug: the snow data button/icon, for when snow not in the model”.

After adding the Snow layer option I now have the icon at the bottom of the map to enable/disable the layer but when I do I don’t see any modeling data appear. Perhaps it’s just because there is no data available for the next 10 days?

I would post comparitive images but as a forum newbie I am limited to just one. I can at least post a screenshot to show my map view with the Total Cloud and Snow layers selected.

I’ll admit upfront that although I have used the app for about a year, the layering and other features are still quite technical to me. :wink:


Snow is broken for GFS but should work for other sources. I actually had a go at fixing it yesterday but haven’t had a chance to check the fix worked.

I’m currently busy fighting the disruption to the NOAA servers.


Thanks for the quick response, Duane. In retrospect I should have at least tried the other weather service data feeds!

When I chose the CMC GDPS feed, sure enough the Snow layer works.

Cheers from Canada!


@Greg Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for Using Flowx


Thank you for the kind welcome, @BrianLY-38 :+1:t2: