Highlight current model in list of graphs in compare mode, and scroll to it

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Thanks again for already fixing the feature Highlight current model in list of models.

Could we have the same in compare mode?

Highlight current model in list of graphs in compare mode, perhaps by turning the name of it orange, just like in the list of sources.

And also scroll to it, so that, if you have more graphs than what can be displayed at the same time, then it is made sure that the one currently active will be in view, when opening the compare mode.


@Ohan old man can’t remember what model you chose :joy::joy::joy::joy: just kidding I forget at times I mainly use GFS but sometimes the Canadian models are more accurate. good idea :+1::+1:


I’m not sure this is a good idea since it has no reference to anything in that current screen. A new user will see this a think “why is this highlighted?”. In the main screen, the highlighting of the source in the menu, highlights that is what’s shown on the graphs/map.

Keep in mind that too many “things” adds to the cognitive load. For us that use the app a lot, we will not notice this load because it’s incremental but for a new user, that is different.

This is very obvious for me. I can spend a few weeks developing something, release it and get email of confusion. After years of thinking “what? this is obvious, why can’t they see it?” - now I understand this blindness is mine.

I just got a 3-star review today saying the graphs and widget are “feeble”.

And another 3-star the other day saying:

Not bad, but the widget is too busy and hard to read. Seems more like a prototype than a polished product.

This is what a new user thinks. Adding more cognitive load to the app would not be a good idea.