How we use Flowx

Thought I would provide developer feedback of Flowx in the wild via screenshots. I use invert colors on Android, FYI.

I have grouped the icons at bottom into sections which override each other. So, graphing temperature overrides precipitation which overrides pressure, and you can view with rain or snow (but not both). I’d like another divider to section wind direction, because it doesn’t override either of the other category groups.

Biggest gripe: the color of the temperature graph line is not red, and it is the same color as humidity (blue).

Thanks guys. It’s is good for me to see how people use the app.

@newyork10023, welcome to the forum. I do plan to improve the menus with submenus that group similar types of data. Also a theme editor is on the plans.

Cheers, Duane.

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This is how I use Flowx.
Thanks again!

Quite dark :slight_smile:

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@duane that’s my night mode was on a night search for Search and Rescue. I Love all the different theme options.

Maybe we should change all the white text, icons and trims to red for a complete night mode.

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Would it make it harder to see? Maybe Grey?

With Android invert colors with the light theme I get blue text. I like that better than the white text of the dark theme: which inverted does go black but on white backgrounds above and below the graphs.

I would really like the bright blue header bar color to be adjustable.

Maybe: light, dark, vivid?

Or maybe it could hide in fullscreen.

Really…!?!.. It might be time for it to go. (Floating button? Side screen swipe? Separate editor app?) It’s a significant amount of screen that is not showing weather info. I don’t want it. I really don’t want it bright blue.

Or… Hey!
Maybe (I’m just say’n) add daily weather icons to the top bar. Woowh!!

Personal opinion I like the top banner. ability to change the color might not be bad.

I don’t change colour any more because users like different things. I change a colour and I get many irate emails.

But, I plan to add a theme editor. First it’ll control graph colours but over time we can add other colours, like the toolbar.

Not sure about removing the top bar since it deviates from android standard. Android standard are important for new users so they instantly recognise what to do and also for Google to recognise the app in reviews, editors choice, awards, etc…

Sorry but same goes for current conditions. The data in the app is not current conditions, the forecasts is based on data measured at least 4-6 hours prior, i.e., it’s old. Many new users think the data in Flowx is current and are disappointed when it does not reflect reality. This leads to many support emails and bad reviews - both of which I don’t want.

Incidentally, many years ago I tried to add current conditions from a provider (Dark Sky) but I saw it would cause more headaches because the Dark Sky current conditions didn’t match the map. So I quit the feature.

Cheers, Duane.

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Come on theme editor! Exciting stuff to look forward too.
As always, it’s just nice to have you considering the feedback.

Time is my main limitation.

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