Include both time swiping and location moving / zooning

I have been using the app for a while now and like it to much I’ve gone gold.

The time swipe feature is great. But why is it controlled on the map (which is spatial) and not on the chart (which is time oriented)?

I have found myself wanting to zoom in / out or look at other locations to get a better sense of what is going on or to plan. The natural gesture, of dragging or pinching the map doesn’t work because that would interfere with time swipe.

The chart area doesn’t have any gesture controls on it. It would be more natural to drag time back and forth there, where I am literally moving a time marker back and forth.

So my suggestion is to move the time swipe feature to the chart area and implement traditional move / zoom gestures on the map portion.

Keep up the great work!


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Hi @virtualdavid and welcome to the land of the gold.

This is a verry much debated topic. Your input is verry much welcomed.

Your points are valid. The thing is that there are many more things that @duane (the dev) have in mind for gestures, for the future.

There exist answers to many of your questions.

Using two fingers on the map, you can both zoom and pan around.
Taiping on the graphs is instant jump to that time.
Long press on graphs opens a menu.
Dubble tap on graphs is short cut to compare-mode.

Read more at:

Best of fun!

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Ohan, thanks for the instructions. Clearly the feature already exists more or less, now that I know how to do it my need is met. I’d personally vote for more standard gestures, but that is a quibble.

Sorry I was unable to find the right instructions on my own. I appreciate your help.


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Flowx used to have swiping on the graph to control the time - it made sense when I first coded it. But you’d find you actually swipe on the bottom of the map otherwise you’re hand would obscure the map.

I realised this and when I did a refactor I removed swiping on the graph. Now one made a sound. So my assumption is that no one used the graph to control time.

You are right, zooming and panning can conflict with swiping time but that’s a limitation. I bet if I removed swiping on the map to fix this conflict, hell would rain down on me five time over.

Regard saving he gesturing on the graph. I have said this in the past and still stand by it. It’s a waste to use time control on the graph if no one uses it. Instead my current plan is to use it to zoom time, i.e., change from 7 days down to 2 days time range.

You can still click on the graph and go to the time. The reasoning for this is that you might see something (e.g. rain) and so you click on it an go to that time.


You are welcome!

I see you’ve been around the block on the time / location gestures and are speaking from experience.
Now that I understand how you’ve done it, I can live with it.
A suggestion: if you put the graphs on the bottom, then scrolling time on them wouldn’t block the view.
Keep up the great work!


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We could add graphs at the bottom but there hasn’t been many requests for this feature and users hate change. A change this significant will bring a deluge of hate mail and reviews.

When I say “users hate change”, I mean “users HATE change”. Once I had a user subscribe to something like Silver and then email me telling me he subscribed and if I change anything, he’ll unsubscribe.