Inspiration from RainViewer, radar specific settings, and other cool features

@duane yep very hard when radar hits particles in the air it could be moisture, dust or both then there is how dry the air and so much more that’s why the National Weather Service started Skywarn Program to get eyes on condition reports in hopes to one day get better predictions. However what Flowx shows/provides makes it so much easier to plan outings etc. :+1::+1::100::100:


Excellent I’m a user from sometime of rain viewer I’m also trying to integrate with their API with small app.

Have you considered any API access for your models in the future?

You don’t want to pass the opportunity to ask again if you consider rainfall accumulation.

Thanks for the great app.


We have a cool feature coming in a week or so where pro users of RainViewer will be able to see radar in Flowx, even if you’re a free or bronze Flowx user. You have to have the RainViewer app install with your pro account and Flowx will ask RainViewer if you are pro.

I have considered API access but I don’t have the time to support it. I change the API quite a bit. For example, adding radar changed the API and I’m considering moving all the current data to the new API.

If you want to play around with it, feel free to email me.

Rainfall accumulation is still on the list and might be done very soon, i.e., next month. I want to add submenu’s because the row of buttons is getting cluttered.


Now that Rain Viewer is incorporated into FlowX is it possible to stop the historic rain forecast up until “now”?

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what historic forecast?

The app now actually shows the rain radar (where is us actually raining) ie not a forecast upto the current time. But it also shows what the latest forecast was which is irrelevant as its in the past and the actual rain radar is the true data so I am suggesting that the “forecast” is scrapped before the current time.

This may only work for certain Subscriptions though as not all get the rain radar.

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you can turn RainViewer Radar off just like any other option

@duane likes to teach us new words: like “hindcast”

Check it out, the internet says it’s a real word. If you can believe the internet. (My hinny! Just Google that :horse::zebra::unicorn:)

Sorry. As a free user, I shouldn’t be commenting on radar. (Haven’t seen it.) But it sure sounds like your saying a hindcast of radar data isn’t useful. But if your looking for a hindcast (which I was once)… That has to be enabled in the “edit place” scale slider thingy. (Don’t Google thingy)

@FlowxLloyd :open_mouth::open_mouth: I Googled what you said not to :scream::joy::joy::joy::joy:

@PhilM44 Release 3.116

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Historical rain data is useful in selecting the most appropriate source model as the prediction is seen as an overlay to actual rain radar.


Hi @PhilM44, it’s good to see you on the forum.

Regarding the radar, are you talking about the graphs or the map?

For the map, are you suggesting you have radar up to now and then it transitions into precipitation from another data source, e.g., GFS or GDPS?

Currently, you can turn both precipitation and radar on. I think this is useful for some users in comparing purposes.

Cheers, Duane.


Hi Duane,

I don’t tend to join forums but Flowx is worth it.

It’s the map I was thinking of. I appreciate you can switch between one or the the other but I find that the overlay between the two for the day running up to now a bit confusing. Though I can see that some people may like it.

Maybe the forecast (GFS etc) could be fainter perhaps upto now if you have rain radar enabled.



I plan to add a data source editor where you can design how data source fall back to others. This is supposed to be for the same data, e.g., precipitation, but I guess it can be for mixed data.

Maybe I need a special precipitation/radar data type. I’ll put this on the list… it’s on the list.


Sounds like a plan to me :grin:


A data source editor would be ideal for automatically switching precipitation from Arome to Hirlam to ICON-EU.:smile:

Go with plan.:blush:


I noticed the shoutout to RainViewer in the release notes and the pop-up when I downloaded the latest version. RainViewer is well done, too. So figured I had to buy the pro version if for no other reason since they were sharing data with Flowx. :smiley:

I’m glad you guys are cooperating like this. Your two apps are both very useful and complementary. (I sent them feedback indicating the same.)


I did the same thing haha :joy::see_no_evil:


@BirkAustin Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for using Flowx

Thanks @ericm and @BirkAustin. Oleksii has been very kind in sharing thte radar data and I hope we have work together more in the future. I’m planning to help with forecast techniques for radar, e.g., 1 hour ahead.

Cheers, Duane.