Intro-demo for new users

Continuing the discussion from Radar time vs real time:

How about an (optional) intro demo for new users, that would demonstrate the most frequently asked about features.

I’m guessing that the real question is when the time to code it will be and time-saver compared to dealing with emailed questions?

I spent a week or two trying to implement this about 1-2 years ago. It was too intrusive so I abandoned it.

The reality is that it’s absolutely the wrong time to introduce a new user to half-a-dozen alien concepts. It’s difficult to understand a concept for something you haven’t seen yet.

The better approach is to slowly introduce them to the concepts after getting familiar with the basic usage of the app. This too is a big job.

Then it comes down to the same problem: prioritization - should I do in-app-tips before sunrise/set?


Cool to know that you gave it a go already.

Sunrise/set hav prio, definitely!

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