Launch to real time

when launched app should update to real time.

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@jojo when I open the app first thing after I wake up ok second mother nature first :grin: Flowx opens to current time when the app is in the background while I am doing other things then take a look at the app I just tap the time once and it shows current time

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If the app opens from a complete close, it’ll lock to the current time. If you pause the app and return it’ll open to the time you left off. If the data updates, it’ll stay at the time you were looking at - jumping back to real time would disrupt what someone is doing.

Beside, you can just click the clock icon and go the current time.


I does not lock to current time upon launch.

Turn on audio.

It’s because you have radar on. It automatically snaps to the closest radar image time.

If you have radar off and do the same, it’ll snap to the current time.


well that makes sense thanks