Lifted Index Colour Legend

I wonder if the color legend on the lifted index should be flipped as negative values reflect more convective instability. It would be more consistent with the other legends where red coloring reflects more concern.

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That sounds reasonable, but it’ll be quite a process to just change it without informing users. There are a few uses of Lifted Index each month so I’d have to go through a migration process, i.e., making a pop-up dialog to tell them the change.

But there is a trick you can use. If you long-press on the color scale, you can edit the scales. If you put in min and max in the opposite order, it’ll reverse the scalebar. Unfortunately, it can’t do auto-range and adds lots of decimal places.

I plan to add a “reverse” tickbox and more color spectrums to this editor.

Cheers, Duane.


Nifty! Learning of this trick, further improves my Flowx experience. Thanks. Currently loving a scalebar of 32-62 for “dew point temp”; this complements the wind speed animation quite well and shows me, when weather fronts I care about, are moving in. Maybe this forum needs a tips’n tricks section. You’ve snuck in a lot of useful functionality @duane


I agree about tips 'n tricks.

Migration between versions can be a pain if the design isn’t right. This is why this feature is still in beta and I’m still working on it.I was supposed to add the ability to choose the colour scales in the next release but it was a big job so it’ll take a bit longer.