Map data icons limits?


If I’ve overlooked this somewhere, my apologies.

Map data icons truncate and there seems to be a fixed number that can display, restricting what can be view to work with on a give a map to and extremely small percentage of what’s available. As you can see you in the attached image, an icon can be just cut in half on the right of the screen, and if there are any beyond that, they’re inaccessible. The row isn’t slideable, nor does it stack a second row. The behavior is the same regardless of where the row divider is, with the exception of which icons are visible changing if the dividers is positioned at a different spot in the sequence.

Please tell me that we’re not restricted to such a small, hh

small subset of available data on any one map?

Yes, this is a bug.

Just edit place and move the “Menu Separator” to the bottom, i.e., the last item. Then you can slide the row of icons back and forward.

I’m actually in the middle of fixing this. I actually remove the “Menu Separator” so there will only be one zone of icons. Later I plan to group icons, so you could have one wind icon that when clicked opens a menu above with wind speed, wind gusts and wind streamlines.

Unfortunately/fortunately, I ended up going down a rabbit hole and refactoring much of the code. I hope to finish this soon. Other work has interfered.

Cheers, Duane.

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Got it. It’s sliding now. I of course, had tried moving the separator all the way to the top. I managed to miss the only workaround!

I’m intimately familiar with coding rabbit holes. Glad you escaped!

Thanks for the quick response.

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I actually like the possibility of separating some of the icons to the left and some to the right, since I’m not using that many.

I mean it’s not the end of the world, if it changes, but just thought you should know.

In the end I trust your judgment!

Hi @Ohan,

I agree, I like it too. I expect some kick back. But it was difficult to code up the logic to fix the bug above. This is why I went for the simple approach.

The simple approach is that you can add data icons to the menu and slide the overflow left/right. You can also long-press on an icon to drag-n-drop to reorder them. That is all there is to it.

I’ll have a quick look at adding the container to the right. Maybe call it a “Pin Container” and when you add new data, it goes in the left container by default. Then it’s obvious what happens when the “Pin Container” grows and overlaps the sliding container.

Cheers, Duane.


May I suggest that the easier solution may be to keep with your current approach of simplifying it into a single, slideable row, but creating spacers (just blank transparent icons) to put between the data icons in the settings customization. Users can then create a very similar effect to left and right menus without the complexity of multiple containers.

The spacers will create a visual cue to a different group, but the separated group will still slide out of view. I think the “pin” option is good since it’ll force it to always be visible which would be more useful for often used icons. Maybe, I can create a left and right pin container. I’ll look into this.

Cheers, Duane.

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