Meaning of a measurement

I am running the latest version and using KNMI Harmonie.

There is a symbol on the bottom of the map which has a measurement in dBZ. I would appreciate it if someone would tell me what dBZ is.




dBZ stands for decibel relative to Z. It is a logarithmic dimensionless technical unit used in radar, mostly in weather radar, to compare the equivalent reflectivity factor (Z) of a radar signal reflected off a remote object (in mm6 per m3) to the return of a droplet of rain with a diameter of 1 mm (1 mm6 per m3).[1] It is proportional to the number of drops per unit volume and the sixth power of drops’ diameter and is thus used to estimate the rain or snow intensity.[2] With other variables analyzed from the radar returns it helps to determine the type of precipitation. Both the radar reflectivity factor and its logarithmic version are commonly referred to as reflectivity when the context is clear. In short, the higher the dBZ value, the more likely it is for severe weather to occur in the form of precipitaion.

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Thanx, Brian, now I remember it if I take off the Z.