Minimum screen resolution?

Flowx is my favorite weather app. I’m thinking about getting a smaller form factor minimalist rugged phone like the Unihertz Atom XL (4" screen, 1136*640 resolution), but my biggest anxiety about the smaller screen resolution is whether or not Flowx will be usable! :laughing:

Does Flowx have a minimum resolution? Or does it provide any scaling or scrolling adaptation to work better on smaller phones?

I’m also considering the Jelly 2 (~3" screen, 480*854, also from Unihertz), but I have a feeling that will just be too small.



@vergilcw Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for Using Flowx.

I have a 5.5 inch might be a little compact at 4 way small at 3 but should be usable at 4 (just a fellow user) of course @duane will have far better/precise info :+1::+1:

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Those phones are supported, i.e., you can install the app. But small screen support is something else. I haven’t used Flowx on a small phone for years. My last “small” phone was a Google Galaxy Nexus with a 4.65" screen. I think you might get away with thee Atom XL given it has offscreen buttons but don’t quote me on this. The Jelly 2 might be pushing it.

My suggestion is to find someone with the phone and ask them to install it and send a screenshot. Even contact the company for a screenshot. The worse they can do is not reply.

Here are a couple of emulator screenshots. It’s a 4" screen with 1136x640 resolution. You can print it out to size if you want.


Thanks for the replies! Those emulator screenshots were helpful and I’ll see if I can find someone on a forum who has the phone and can try it out for me. I’ll definitely have to make some sacrifices with which graphs I can show compared to my current Google Pixel at 1080p but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.


Here Flowx running very fine on my Xperia X Compact, 720x1280px, 4.6"

For those curious, I actually ended up going with the Jelly 2, with the 3 inch screen. Flowx is usable, though definitely more cramped than on a larger screen. I compensate by including fewer days of forecast, and also by making use of the triple-tap accessibility zoom in Android.

My main challenge is with the wind vector map layer… The little animated swooshes are just too small to make out easily. Is there a setting to change the size of those?

Screenshot below.


Thanks for the update. It’s valuable to know.

The wind is difficult since you’re well inland where winds are typically low (<10kts). Scaling the wind will result in wind lines on the coast to be very long.

The lines could scale dynamically based on the max wind in the view but then you loose the sense of wind speed since it varies.

It’s not an easy problem to fix.