Minor Nit Picking Bug...NAM titles/regions

NAM titles and regions…
The NAM titles don’t seem to match the NAM regions… Mismatched???

As a suggestion, can we have
NAM conus re-labeled as NAM 3km?
It becomes more consistent with the naming convention and it will fit better on the graph. Then swap the regions…

Duane…if I’m getting too far into the weeds, let me know…It’s just that I spend far too much time exploring FlowX during the day…And night…
Thxs for all and hope the house is well…Cee

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Hi @Cee,

You’re not getting too far into the weeds. I’m just refactoring that part of the code so I’ll hopefully tidy up these things.

I think I added these data sources over a year apart so I lost my consistency.

Cheers, Duane.