Misc. suggestions

When installing latest beta for the first time I see a message never seen before. Probably nothing but? Did you insert a new/different gfs model?

Not sure if bug or by design. I exported a json which I thought would save the entire set up of the program. To test, I deleted a graph then imported the saved json and the graph did not come back. These json exports should save every parameter for a full restore of personal setup.

Why do you need 2 clicks for refresh? What does the 2nd do that the first does not? I always hit it a 2nd time and it is hidden from a ui perspective.

When double clicking the time to return to last real radar the time should show differently than actual time…yellow box behind maybe

I think this is on the todo list already but the data bar where the time is shown needs a less transparent or other color background because it’s hard to read when dark purple precipitation is behind it.

Change text on graph model lines to ←H, N→,G→

Auto center and maybe auto center and auto space out the enabled map buttons using entire map screen width. The left button is too close to the edge with the lip of my phone case it is hard to click and takes a few tries.

I have 8 models at my location and it is my understanding that other models appear/disappear based on location. The double click graph compare is good but another way to compare on the map layer would be helpful. Under my location how about BOLDING the current model and adding a checkbox on each model then on the map screen add a cycle icon button that cycles from top to bottom to top of the enabled model list this way you can quickly cycle between them in map view.

Add a naming convention to date timestamp the json exports and auto upload to dropbox or google drive.

One place I work is in an underground garage with no windows…before I leave to go home I like to see if the roads are wet/snowy. One thing I liked with windy was having live cams still/video integrated in to locations with 1 click. I believe they used 511ny.org in my location. How about an empty field where we can past the url for a live cam associated with each location and then add a button to display the image in the map area or integrate a cam apps api?

Since I deleted windy I keep a launch icon in the weather folder that runs this for now

When rotating to landscape 3rd graph is corrupted

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Lots of interesting ideas and suggestions!

I agree with and would like to contribute thoughts on many of them!
For future reference, the discussion stays clearer if you open several topics, with descriptive titles, instead of dumping all thoughts in one “misc”-topic.

Just so you know, you can attach the image directly to the forum instead of to imgur and pasting a link.

ok will do thanks

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Not sure if I agree with this (above) being necessary.

I don’t think I’ve seen this mentioned before.
I have however seen a

being mentioned.

Not sure what you mean with this.

Yes, I agree to this being a idea.

A workaround for you while waiting, based on the update:

Is that you can add a data source that is not available for you (*) and then drag it all the way to the left. Then the first icon that you are interested in we be easier to hit.
(* note :


Yes, interesting idea!

Yes, please!

Yes, defenetly interesting!

The rest of the things @jojo listed (I believe) are commented on in other topics:

If you want to discuss more, then please:

  • highlight relevant part,
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  • create new topic
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  • choose a proper title, for the new topic
  • respond with your thoughts before/after the quote.

@jojo update I found a shorter way:

  • Then tap the arrow box to the left just above the text edit window, and choose “+ reply as linked topic”

Hi all,

First, and this is very important, please separate multiple topics requests into separate posts with good titles. This makes is easy to read about one topic, discuss one topic and importantly, easy for other users to search for the topic and read it. Otherwise, the user won’t find the topic and ask the questions again - using up more valuable time.

If we have separate topics and a user asks a question relating to an existing topic we can link to the duplicate topic.

I was going to reply to each feature in this topic but it’s too time consuming. I have work work to do this morning.

Please consider splitting this topic and we can delete this post.

… oh I just started reading the other posts and saw @Ohan say the same thing :slight_smile:

Please do consider splitting this post.

Cheers, Duane.


Apparently this forum software requires complete sentences. Please delete this thread.

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You can flag a post or a thread if you want it deleted. In this case I don’t see the need for that.

@jojo Just create new topics for the items that you want to get response on, and perhaps edit the title to add a comment saying [this topic is inactive]