Moon set/rice times bug

As seen below, sometimes the path of the moon looks ok, (as the sun does) but sometimes there are some inconsistencies:

  • the time for set/rise displayed in digets not matching the drawn lines.
  • the moon, and part of the path line not being grayed out when it is supposed to
  • the start of the path one day not matching with the end of the day before. This can be seen sometimes when swiping from one day to the next and the moon jumps a bit. Don’t confuse this bug with the fact that the path for the moon within the same day is not always ending where it started, that is a separate thing, and I think it’s correct with how the moon changes its path from day to day. (However it does not suddenly jump…)

Yep, I know it has bugs. I’ve seen them. I just need time to iron these out. It’s been a busy week on other work so nothing has happened.