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Hello again!

Like I said before I’m using Flowx app for a week or two and I’m very excited about it! I’m not sure if it is possible, but good + to app could be satellite map. Another think could be map darkness or contrast! I saw it on lightning site! Hope something could be usefull and possible! :wink:

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Martin Bergstein


Hi Martin,

I presume you got mixed up with the URL.
Should be to see the satellite vector map.


Hello Saxophone,
Thanks, but I mean, could be very nice if satellite vector map can be in the Flowx app as map style!

Kind Regards
Martin Bergstein


@MeteoLatvia I’m just a fellow user however depending on the popularity of the request @duane will put it on his to do list.


Hello Duane,

With regard to your discussion with Martin

I too would love to see base map options. Satellite H-res and topo would greatly improve my experience using your app.

Also, regarding earthquake data, you mention substantial coding effort would be required to add to your app… lt may be worthwhile for you to contact the developers of the weather app (Storm Radar) which had a real-time earthquake feature. Perhaps they would be willing to share that code with you? The app was shut down recently, so I’ve been looking for a replacement which led me to FlowX. You are doing a great job with this app. I’m signing up for your Top Tier subscription today to support your efforts and to REWARD you for taking the time to communicate with those who message you! Awesome job😊

All the Best,

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I think Storm Radar was bought by Weather Channel.

But live radar data is not hard to find: Real-time Notifications, Feeds, and Web Services

Earthquakes are on my todo list but it’s just a matter of finding the time to add them.

I didn’t add satellite map data because the color maps don’t render well on top of variable colored maps and also I can’t remove the oceans to render the wave data. I need to add a sea mask to overcome this latter problem.

Cheers, Duane.


Hey Duane,

Love the app its actually the only one I have that I pay for! Its taught me a lot about weather, but the only thing I can’t find is any good information on is the options within the rain radars. The FAQs on your site link to RainViewer but I can’t find any good info from them on what I’m looking at


@DowntownBrown Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for Using Flowx.
Radar takes readings at multiple Heights and Distances
Composite reflectivity displays the highest reflectivity of ALL elevations scans. Reflectivity is the amount of transmitted power returned to the radar receiver after hitting precipitation

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What exactly are you wanting to find out about the radar?


Bottom row icons there is a rain cloud (precipitation) and 4 radar symbols (radar reflectivity, radar composite, radar at 1k and radar at 4km). I don’t understand the differences or what they are trying to tell me. I looked here then went to rainviewers website for more information (couldn’t find any) and then went to the data sources page but was unable to find anything explaining like I’m 5 what I’m looking at with each radar.

Based on Brian’s reply above (thank you!) sounds like I should just be focusing on the composite?

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Radar Reflectivity is real radar measurements and is downloaded from

All other radar data is predictions from HRRR or NAM. They are simulated forward in time from real measured radar data.

Radar 1km and 4km is the radar reflectivity through a slice at those heights.

Radar Composite is the max radar reflectivity through all slices/heights.