Mother of all feature requests: iOS

Hello All,

I’m massive, massive fan of FlowX (and a former meteorologist, as it happens). I use the app for doing my own rain and wind forecasts for sailing and other weather-dependent sports and honestly have never had such a fantastic tool at my disposal. The richness of data, visualisation and user interaction is unparalleled.

Yet, there’s just one thing missing from the app: iOS support! I actually keep an Android phone just for FlowX use, but otherwise am entirely on iOS.

Of course I’m well aware of the sign-up page, and have done so at least twice :smiley:

Is there any hope of seeing FlowX come to iOS any time soon or ever?

Thanks, and kudos on making such a fantastic tool.



Hi @pnuk and welcome to the forum,

Yes there is hope of seeing an iOS version of Flowx. Just last week I was looking a the cost of a Mac Mini for development. I really want to develop the iOS version but it limited by my time and cost.

It’s all based on the income from Android. We need to earn enough from Android to hire help to port to iOS. We’re covering about 50-80% of Android costs at the moment and I’m hoping that by the end of the year, we’re over 100% and can afford help.

Cheers, Duane.


Hey @duane thanks for the response!

Good luck with the commercials, everyone knows it’s hard making a go of indie app development.

It’s really a fantastic app, with loads of great ideas well executed. I hope it works out!

Thanks muchly.

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