Multiple data sources

Hi Duane,
Thanks for this wonderful app. Amazing how much it has grown over the years.
I have two requests.

  1. Forecast length depends on data source. If the forecast length is longer than what the selected data source allows, it seems that the secondary source is always GFS, which is low resolution. For instance, if I am using Arome, which provides less than 3 days, but am interested in a 12 days forecast, the charts will display ~3 days at 1.3 km resolution, and the remaining at 25 km. That’s quite a step. It would be useful to be able to select a secondary source manually. For instance, starting from the 4th day I would select the DWD ICON EU source, with a resolution of 6.5 km, and it would last until Day 5. GFS would appear at day 6. Or perhaps I would prefer to have the CMC GDPS at 15 km between Day 6 and Day 10, leaving GFS for days 11 and 12…
  2. Again a matter of source superimposition. I am currently not fat from a source boundary (see the screenshot).

    When the selected place is close to the boundary between two data sources, for instance at the edge of DWD Icon-D2, the second data source is GFS by default. Would it be possible to have an option to replace it by a higher resolution source, such as DWD ICON EU?

Yes, this is on the todo list. It’ll have to be an editor to all users to choose exactly what they want.


What’s the status of this? I’d really like to choose which data is shown in the graph/map when a certain provider isn’t available anymore. For me it would be something like this:

DWD Icon-D2 → DWD Icon EU → NOAA GFS


This is exactly what I was working on yesterday for the new rewrite of the code. I think I have the design close to being right. But it’ll be a while before we see it in Flowx there is a lot of other code that has to be migrated to Flowx before this can be supported.


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