N00b questions misc

Have gold level:


When do you need to click on refresh? Doesn’t it auto refresh?…or refresh upon opening?

I am new to all this weather modeling and it was not clear to me the 2 vertical lines in the graphs, HRRR NAM3 and GFS and that they were the time windows of the models…is this explained in the help section?

What is a boundary cloud?

Is radar composite combining radar at 4k and 1km?

Are the 4 radars coming solely from rainviewer? I’m still trying to understand this relationship between apps…is the concept that rainviewer reflectivity is only past data and no future prediction???…so a benefit is that you can turn it on and off and compare to flowx prediction of that past rain event to see if the model was somewhat correct?

Under settings/basics/on accuracy what is the log in for?

Under settings/basics/ what is WIP?

How do you get on beta test?

Convective cloud does not work

Boundary cloud does not work

Radar reflectivity and radar composite have same icon

Turn all 6 cloud types and there is a registration error between 1st icon and next 3

Full screen mode cuts off left/right edges on bottom


Click refresh 2 times it will open refresh window

Indicates the time those models cover

Convective and boundary only works if those conditions are present

Full screen I can’t reproduce if you mean the icons being cut it slides back and forth

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thanks for the response. the double click refresh needs to be added to HELP…I do not think it’s in there…thanks. My question was more when to have to use the refresh button? If the program is off then launched is that not the same as pressing refresh twice?

if I click convective or boundary then go to map there are no buttons added for them???..this makes me think it is broken…but you are saying if those conditions do not exist AT MY LOCATION the buttons will not be added to the map? So I just went to a storm pattern in florida where there should be conductive and the button still does not appear on map?


@jojo the app does refresh but sometimes things might not load do to internet issues server issues etc. You can then refresh to see if it helps.
When you select convection and boundary recheck to make sure they still have the check marks sometimes when you select something it unselects

v3.246 the convection and boundary buttons when selected in the edit data/general menu do not appear on map…broken.

how do I get the newest beta?..maybe they are fixed on there.


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@jojo in the app store select Flowx scroll down tell you find join beta

@jojo when you select them and go back to main screen then go back to edit data are those items still checked.? If so how many icons total do you have selected? If more than what’s shown on screen slide icons to the right to see if they show then

see https://imgur.com/a/QsQxpQ9. turn on audio

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Just to clarify that video when I say nothing there I do not mean no visual information on the map I mean there’s no buttons on the bottom of the map to turn that data on or off.

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@jojo you might send a debug log @duane might have better answer to why the icons don’t show

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Hi and welcome to the forum!

In help, go to Datasources, and then scroll down a bit. There you’ll find listed the different data that is avaliable per datasource and in what region the Datasources are available.

If you enable a type of data then it will be available on the map if it provided by the chosen datasource.

Try chance datasource and see how the number of icons of the map may change.

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duane explained that those 2 data sources are not within HRRR do that’s is why the buttons wold not appear on the map. thanks

a suggestion would be to grey out the data choice buttons that do not work with the selected model…seems more logical that way.

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Yes, I can agree with this. (@duane)
I have also been confused with the way it works now.

I did consider this. Yes, this might make more sense. And have a pop-up to explain why the data is disabled.