New Server in Frankfurt, Germany

Hi all,

I’ve just created a new server in Frankfurt, Germany. Flowx will not use it unless you set Settings > Servers to “Frankfurt, Germany” specifically.

Feel free to test it out, there will be very few people on there for the next week or so, so enjoy it.

Let me know if you notice a speed improvement or reduced “Force Refresh” issues.

Cheers, Duane.


Hi Duane,

thank you for the new server. I had this issue today where none of my devices were showing any data. Even when I force refreshed, it went through really fast through all the progresses in the spinner on the top right, but no data would be shown.

I went to settings, and Frankfurt was already set, so I changed it to NYC and all the data started to load, then I changed back to Frankfurt and it appears to be fixed.

I have a debug log, I will send it by email.

Thanks again for this excellent app and the effort you put into improving it constantly.

(Edit: I think you had a French server as an option, and I had set it to that?)


Same experience as qwerty.

Seemed to be done sort of temporary data glitch from the German server.


The data glitch has returned.



In UK.
After the initial glitch the German server is performing well. Much quicker and practically no need to Force Refresh.


There was a little glitch at the start. For some reason the server went down but it’s been up for 4 days now.

It’s just issues with the NOAA servers at the moment.