No rain showing

Sunnyvale, CA does not show rain for any weather updates; but it sure is raining right now! Any reason?

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And, yes rain is selected!

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HI @rreggers,

Can you please send a screenshot?

Are you talking about the comparison of what is predicted by the forecast vs real life?

Or have you turned on rain but nothing at all is showing on the screen, i.e., it’s not downloading or loading the data tiles?

Cheers, Duane.

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I am talking what is predicted by the forecast vs real life. I do not think a screen shot shows anything as there is no rain to show. I tried all the various predictions, Canada, US, and World.

Flowx shows the raw data from weather simulations. They are not current conditions, instead are predictions. They are not a precise reflection of reality. One reason for this is that is takes hours to solve a simulation so the simulation is based on measured data hours ago so it’s instantly out of date. This is why met services resolve the simulation every 6 hours.

But this doesn’t mean the data is useless. In fact, a majority (90%+ at a guess) you see anywhere is based on this data. In these cases a meteorologist interprets weather predictions and summarizes into a short and broad prediction, e.g., 40% chance of rain in the morning and 20% in the arvo. But this short prediction tells you what will likely happen with no context or understanding. Flowx provides the context and understanding.

In the case of Flowx, you have to be this meteorologist. I looked at the weather for your Wednesday lunch time and I would’ve said “even though the graphs don’t show rain, there is a likelihood of rain”. Why? because there is a band of rain coming down from the north which dissipates as it comes through. So I would expect a short band of rain followed by clear skies (this is based on my experience with weather in Auckland, NZ).

Please read What is Flowx?

If you’re looking for an app that tells you current conditions and short term weather predictions in a concise form, Accuweather, Wunderground, etc… is best for that. If you want to see the big picture and understand the weather, Flowx is best for that.