No Total Cloud Data

On the iOS app it has always shown “No Total Cloud Data” for me, just wondered if that’s a known bug?

I thought it may have been a teething issue, but surprised nobody else seems to be reporting it.

Please take a look at my screenshot, cheers.


@jolley I’m an android user some models might not have data for some items @duane Always Has Answer’s

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Arome does not have cloud data on iOS. Android uses the Arome 0.025 model which has cloud data but I haven’t used this model on iOS because of some complexities. I plan to do a work-around in the future.


Cheers both,

On Android I always used Arpege and assumed I was using the same on iOS which is why I pointed it out, but I’ve actually been using Arome. I think I got mixed up because they’re both Meteo-France models and begin with “Ar”!

Good to hear cloud data may be available in future :+1: