Notify upon specific condition

It’ll be great to set a condition like:
-3 hours before,
-Wind blowing from east
-Speed > 30 m/s
=> Give me a notification named “close the windows” (it’ll be dusty)
It can be used for many things:
wind speed > x then close the garden umbrella
UV > y then wear sun glasses or cream…

It can make a report presented in a widget
This will maximize the app’s utility


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This is exactly what I want to do - a notification editor.

It’s a bit more complex than what you describe. We need to consider:

  • data sources, e.g., choose a specific data source or all or any.
  • refractory time - how long before it’ll check and notify again, e.g., 1 hour, 12 hours or per new forecast.
  • how to group boolean operations, e.g., (speed > 30 m/s and direction > NE and direction < SE) or (speed > 60m/s and direction > N and direction < S).

My main limitation is time. There are so many things on the todo list.

Cheers, Duane.


If users can post what notifications they would like, ie., the criteria, then we can come up with a generic way to meet all needs.

The other thing to consider is the range, e.g., exact location or within 50km radius. This is important for anticipating rain.


I’m guessing that the most wanted one will be:
Warn me if is risk for:

  1. Rain
  2. Freezing temperatures
  3. Strong winds.

I would like to be notified for times when the sky is clear, and the sun is up.

(I. e. when is it a good time to go out and get some vitamin D from the sun.)


Another awesome combo of criterias (especially for photographers) are:

Notefy me when there are no clouds closer than

in the direction of the sun, at sunset.

(And same for sunrise, and also both for the moon…)

Second that

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Hi @tiwag, @Ohan Those are high-level wants. I want to know how you might specify a notification. For example, have something like:

  • If the temperature at my location is less than 0C for any data source, show me an alert. After the alert is closed, don’t check again for 12 hours (refractory period).
  • if the rain within 20km is greater than 1mm/hr for GFS, show alert. Check every 3 hours. Don’t check for 24 hours after alter closed.

@Ohan, your clouds might be, alert if clouds between 50km and 100km to the east is greater than 50% between 3pm and 7pm daily. Which you can see if a very complex notification to build into a generic notification editor. It might not be implemented immediately but the design of the notification system can incorporate it in the future.

I can’t manually program these notifications into the app since it will cause headaches since every user will want slight modifications to existing notification which will lead to a explosion of variations. This happened when I initially did graphs and is also why you can edit the values now.


I don’t need an explicit warning as notification but I would like it, if I could set a limit for temperature and wind force, where the colour of the graph changes and an editor for these limits.
Just to be warned when I check the weather widget

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OK, I get your question.

For me this seams like one of those things that no matter how much you try to think about how you want it before you get it, it will change once you start to try to use it.

It will probably need to start with some basig guess, (like the ones you described as examples), and then evolve somehow organically.

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hi…add significant snow is on the way!

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I don’t think this is true and it counter to software development. Most software projects define specifications before starting. If you can’t describe what you want in words, I’m not sure we can randomly throw far more time trying to program something.

This is probably why I haven’t started it yet. I don’t really want to start an “organic” feature when others are not complete.