OpenZones, the letter "Z" and Russia

Flowx had it’s 10th birthday and we created an OpenZone for the entire world for 10 days. This gave gold-level data to everyone for 10-days.

A few users have pointed out that the use of the ⓩ (little-z in a circle) looks like Flowx supports Russia’s “Z”.

Just to be clear Flowx does not support Russia. Flowx has donated to Ukraine. Flowx actually semi-blocks Flowx for places in Russia and Belarus. You can check this by adding “moscow” to Flowx. We get many negative reviews and threats for adding this.

OpenZones has been in Flowx since 2018 - well before Russia started this war. It didn’t cross my mind this would be associated with Russia.

I agree the ⓩ can be seen as support of Russia and the easy solution is to change the logo to a non-“Z” logo.

But the stubborn side of me thinks this is a lame solution. It’s like giving up a bully. Russia doesn’t own the letter “Z”. I’m not going to let Russia own the letter “Z”. If we stop using the letter “Z” because of Russia, we amplify the letter “Z” as a symbol of Russia and we loose control of the letter “Z” to Russia. Giving control to Russia is not right.

I’ve had a bit of discussion around this an one solution is to reverse the logo. This way the meaning is still kept and maybe the reverse-“Z” will become a symbol of defiance to show we don’t support Russia.

If you have any thoughts on this, feel free to post them below.


@duane Well Said Brother We can’t let the Bullies Win I Stand With You

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Hold the line Duane. Hitler ruined that trendy moustache… I’ll be damned if this proxy war between America and Russia will change the English language!


LOL :rofl: He probably saved a lot of foolish young adults from ridicule. He should’ve sported a mullet too.