Option to remove labels on top of graph

I like the app but find the white bar with numbers on top cluttery. Could it be removed?

  • displaying the date is not needed as the weekday is displayed on bottom. It is not lining up with it either.
  • the max temperature number should be displayed within the graph on top of the peak of the temperature graph for that day. If that is not possible I would prefer to remove it.

I would of course be fine if this is implemented as an option, other people might like the white bar.

I purchased the bronze plan but it does not seem to allow for these changes.

Thank you for considering my suggestion

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I assume you are in landscape mode.

You can edit the graph. Check out the help: Graphs - Flowx

I think adding min/max temperature will add more clutter to the graphs making them harder to read. The idea is to get an idea of the weather at a glance, then if you want to focus in on something, e.g., a big drop in temperature, you can swipe to the time and view the phenomena on the map and look at the gauges for the values.

You can’t really edit the other things but it is in the future version of Flowx I am currently developing.