Optional UI buttons for pan & zoom

Hi all, awesome app,
Im using Flowx on a Minix Android box connected to a projector,
I navigate it via an air mouse and therefore I cant zoom and pan the map,
so I wonder if you can consider to add optional UI buttons for pan and zoom in the settings?
Cheers, Richard


Hi @Richard,

That’s cool you’re hooking Flowx up to a projector.

I don’t like adding settings for edge cases since it adds bloat to the settings. This leads to confusion for new users. Adding extra buttons to the map page is difficult because there is very little space and it add technical cost, i.e., I have to add these buttons dynamically to the page and when I add other widgets (e.g., an altitude slider), I have to consider this edge case.

I always try to think of a better approach. I am considering re-adding double-tap to move to a point - this will fix the panning issue.

For the zoom, a far better way would be to catch the scroll wheel actions and zoom accordingly. I don’t have a Minix Android box but I’ll see if I can find a way to add and test this.

I can’t promise any timing sorry.

Cheers, Duane.


Hi Duane,
thank you for the speedy reply,
I understand, well… the “double-tap to move to a point” function would be a good enough solution for me.
Btw, there is no “scroll wheel” on the air mouse, all swiping and tapping is done with one button,
in the app Rainviewer for example … I can zoom out with a double tap and without releasing the button
on the second tap I move the mouse upwards, if I move the mouse downwards…it zooms in.
This is what the remote looks like, the button with the red circle handles the tapping and swiping.
Thanks for considering a future solution.
Cheers Richard

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Maybe we can capture those arrow keys surrounding the Android button and use that for panning.

But it seems if I re-implement double-tap to center, panning will be covered.

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Yes, that would also be a nice solution, as it is now, the arrow keys seems
to be dedicated to toggle between these buttons and menus.
But as you said… re-implementing the double-tap to center, panning will be covered.