Past Week History

New to flowx so my apologies if this already is a thing, but I absolutely LOVE the layout of the app. Would very, very much like to be able to select the previous weeks graphs though to compare to the week ahead. A sort of compare the last weeks weather to how it was actually and be able to have a better understanding of the week-ahead’s graph

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@bettencb Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for Using Flowx

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@bettencb I could be wrong but I think that would take a lot of memory on the server like I said I could be wrong

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@BrianLY-38 It’d be a cool feature though right??

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Hi @bettencb,

As @BrianLY-38 mentioned, it is due to disk space on the server. Disk space is about $1/10GB/month. My servers store about 150-200GB of data. If I were to store all forecasts for the past week so 7 days * 4 forecasts per day * 200GB * $0.1/GB * 2 servers = $1120 / month * 12 months = $13440 per year. Now imagine storing a years worth of data = $700,000 <- this is what Flowx earns in my dreams.

That is some expensive cool feature. Also I’d have to add code to allow users to choose a forecast and in the end, I doubt many users will use it. So, you can see it’s a very expensive feature.

There is up to 3 days history in the app but it’s not what you want it for. It just tacks on the past forecasts to create a complete data set. I do not save the complete forecast, just the time between the previous and current forecast, which is generally 6 hours of data.

Past analysis of forecasts is a topic that comes up now and then but really, this is a different use case from using the latest forecast to make predictions.

Cheers, Duane.