Polish the swipe-action in compare mode

Continuing the discussion from Compare Feature v2:

In compare mode is used to be like:

Yes, now is better, but the poleshing is not completely done:

When swiping in a cirkel (in compare mode) I expect both the line, and the scrolling to move back and forth.

Currently only the scrolling is moving back and forth when swipeing in cirkles.

Why this is important?

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I don’t understand. The line is moving back/forth as you swipe. When you say scrolling, I tend to think scrolling of the page up/down. In other words, moving the whole image/page.


Yes, by scrolling i refere to the up/down component of a swiping motion on the screen, moving the whole image/page.
This part works fine.

The problem I’m having is that in order to get the line to move right or left, the swipe (at least for me) needs to be exactly horizontal.

If I swipe diagonally or in a circle, the page is moving up and down, but the line is not moving right or left.

Maybe I need to mention that I have 6 graphs in compare mode for my location, and the resolution on my screen only alow me to see 5 of them at the time.

Hence the need for scrolling.

But when the scrolling start, it interrupts the movement of the line left-right. And the line does not start to move left-right until the finger is lifted and a new swipe is initiated, with only a left-right component, and no up-down component.

Could it be that you have not notice this bug since at your location you don’t have more sources than your screen can display at once?

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A way to reproduce this bug on a phone with higher resolution is to try compare mode with the phone in landscape orientation.

On a newer phone, all the 6 available data sets in my area can fit in upright orientation, but in landscape orientation only 3 graphs are displayed at the time, and hence there is a need for both scrolling (i. e. the up/down component of a swiping motion on the screen, moving the whole image/page), and
to move the line left to tight (i.e. by swiping horizontally on the screen).

And then this bug becomes apparent:

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