“Poll: Animation Button”


“Poll: Animation Play Button”
  • Animation Play Button
  • Yes
  • No

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How a nonsense:
this playbutton poll.

An animationbutton is an option next to the swipe feature.
They don’t exclude each other.

After all there is still a kind of playbutton namely the sharefeature.
Although this works somewhat laborious.

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I don’t understand the difference between “Yes” and “Animation Play Button” options - @BrianLY-38, can you explain the difference?

The poll itself is not nonsense though. As a developer, I simply don’t want to develop, maintain and support a feature a few people use. So the point of this poll is to get an idea of how many people will use this feature.


typo that simple just a typo I can’t change it so I closed the poll I’d delete it but I don’t have that kind of power. it’s comments like Gerbrands’ that makes me want to keep to myself.


@Gerbrand, I’m not saying you meant to be rude, but calling this poll “nonsense” comes across as rude when @BrianLY-38 spent his time to make a poll to help you out. Being rude does not make people want to help.

@BrianLY-38, when I get comments like this and the poster seems to be from a non-English speaking country, I assume English is their second language and the meaning is lost in translation.

We just need tolerance and also awareness on the forum.


I, for one, thought the poll idea was great.


Regarding this topic as closed.

Because no matter what I say, - it’s a wild goose chase.

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If it’s closed why are still complaining ?

Duane has been more than patient, explaining his reasoning.

I suggest to the moderators that this thread be locked.


I would like to be clear because it sounds like I personally shut this request out:

  • I personally have not said “no” to a Play button.
  • The Play button feature is on the todo list but it far down the todo list.
  • The main reason it is not a priority is that there is not enough demand to justify the work and support.
  • the secondary reason is how you design this to be simple yet flexible.
  • also it duplicates an existing feature.
  • one justification is a on-the-wall fullscreen mode where the weather plays in a loop.

There is no wild goose chase. If you can show support for the feature, then the feature moves up in priority.

I welcome any feature requests but I will not spend my time trying to justify it because if I did this to every feature I would waste my time and we would end up with exactly the same list :slight_smile:


Animation seems unnecessary to me.

One of the unique features of Flowx is being able to view multiple data points at any point in time.

You really can’t do that when the map is scrolling along at its own pace.

Just my 2-cents.


I made an account so that I could participate in the poll, but seems it’s been closed now (good idea to have one, though).

So I’ll just respond here instead. I agree with Walt that animation is probably unnecessary. There’s quite a bit of information to take in at any point in time, so I simply want the ability to choose a specific point to have the info displayed for. I feel like at-a-glance I can understand at a high-level all that I need to know, and can further refine the graphs if I want information presented in a different way.

Finding out that swiping up or down vs side-to-side changes the speed of scrolling made it much easier for me to get to the information that I wanted.

This being said, I’m just one person, but I don’t feel that a play-animation would do anything extra for me or would be something that I would use.