Pressure scale calibration

Hi - There’s nothing wrong - it’s only my curiosity … Why does the pressure scale (hpa in my case) change upon zooming in or out? Hope I’ve worded my question clearly enough.



@Lexicalluthor I added Pressure to try to get same result but for me no change upon zoom

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The default behaviour is to auto-range to the min/max of the data in the visible tiles.

Consider temperature, for example, you would want to see the full range of temperatures when you view the whole world and when you zoom right in to an island, e.g., New Zealand, you’d want to see just the range of temperatures over NZ.


A clever design consideration! Thank you. :smiley:


You can change this default behaviors of you want.
Long press on the graph and use set range for the range in the graphs.
And for the map you make the label for pressure active and then long press on the color legend under the data icons under the map to set fixed values.

For temperature the default behaviore make sence for me, but for the case of pressure I personally prefer fixed values for the range, with “normal” pressure in the middle of the range.

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@Ohan Good Point My Friend :+1:t3::+1:t3:

Thank you! :grinning:

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