Prioritizing Feature Requests

Hi all,

I thought I’d share an idea I’ve been pondering. That is a way to prioritize feature requests using a poll. It would be nice to have a way discuss feature request, i.e., if it fits with the Flowx design, after which it gets added to the poll. It’ll be good if this poll is organic and evolving. I’m thinking that users can vote via the app and users have a fixed number of points they can allocate to features. The number of points a user has might depend on long-term usage and pro status.

Of-course, I keep my current all-powerful right to veto features - kind-of like that show where everything is made up and your points don’t matter :wink: But it would give me a feeling about what you would like to see.

Currently, I prioritise features (and bug fixes) based on:

  • how it fits in the Flowx design philosophy. It’s better to do one thing well instead of many things OK.
  • how difficult it is to implement
  • how much maintenance/support it’ll require in the long-term
  • how cool it is - the “WOW” factor
  • how fun it is to implement
  • how many users it’ll impact
  • how many users are requesting it
  • how much it’ll tip the money needle
  • and how I feel on the day :slight_smile: Motivation is super-important.

For example, current conditions like in a typical weather won’t fit in the Flowx design since it’ll conflict with weather model results leading to confused users who unfamiliar with how weather forecasting works. Also, there are thousands of typical weather apps that do this job better. Adding this data will dilute the strength of Flowx - displaying weather simulation results.

Another example, are alerts which are generally done by meteorologist and released by each countries Met Service. To write code to collate all these alerts and feed them into Flowx would be a mammoth job to implement and maintain (Met Service websites do change or fall over).

However, implementing notifications where users can customize their own notifications is a in-between solution that is much easier to implement and maintain. Also it can act on data that exists in the Flowx app, i.e., the notifications will be consistent with the data.

Also, implementing the spectrums gave the app some sparkle, was fun to implement and allowed users that were used to other color schemes (Dark Sky) to get some familiarity in the Flowx app.

I have one super-secret feature that probably won’t affect many users in a big way, tip-the-needle and is relatively difficult to implement, but it’ll be fun to implement and has a great wow-factor. I won’t say anymore…

Cheers, Duane.


@duane polls are a great idea. Notification are ok but if people knew and understood what they are seeing in the app you get an idea of what to expect also for example app shows rain or snow so one sets a warning then the moisture that was shown doesn’t fall people would complain oh the notice has a glitch or bug etc.

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@duane I think I know but lips are sealed :+1:

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Hi, Duane…while I think that a poll might be something that the users might find interesting, I worry about the fact that you have a house to build. I also wonder if you have so much time to read and manage a poll.

Think about this carefully! Polls in the political world are useless!


@Vittorio polls can be done in the Forum.

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The house if virtually finished. Just putting in the kitchen, plumbing and electrical. Should be a week or two when we get back. I’m all Flowx and contract work now.

Yes, Poll a political and can lead to some hurt souls - especially when I abuse my authority and veto it :slight_smile:

I think we have enough features/data to add before we should consider 50/50 features. I simplicity should be the priority.