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Continuing the discussion from Random suggestions:

It used to look like this:

Now it looks like this:

The “Bronze + silver plus” info is missing:

And in Dark mode, the text is difficult to read:

Thanks. I’ll look into the dark mode.

Yes, it doesn’t show “Bronze and Silver plus…” but ti’s trying to keep a balance of aesthetics and information. And is it really needed??? I really don’t know.

I plan to add the “Upgrade/Downgrade” buttons soon.


For clarity, I would say yes.


I believe that this is one of those things that seam obvious when you have been around it for a while, but could confuse new costumers.

I agree. What I really need to do is some A/B testing to see what’s happening. But honestly (after a couple of wines), I have Aurora (Ovation) data and some sweet as globally predicted radar data sitting on the server ready to go (for months now) but haven’t got it in to the app yet. So do I get into this fluffy feel good stuff or get into the real stuff. This is what I hate about marketing, it distracts from the steel.



You know the anser!

So to be clear, I’m not saying that you should drop the “real steal” and fix all the “fluffy feel good stuff”.

All I’m saying is that, next time that you are poking around in the “fluff” any way, then having the “Bronze and Silver plus…”-line there is better than not having it there…


You underestimate how hard it is to add “Bronze and Silver plus” to the cards without making it look worse. I spent a whole afternoon trying to get these cards to look good and did try to include the line above - it’s not easy, otherwise I would’ve done it.


I do understand.

I feel the pain of spending time om something to then conclude that it looked better hours ago.

You are doing a great job!