Problem creating a video for sharing


Whenever I attempt to make a video with the intention of sharing, I am getting a video creation error code 100 (38) soon followed by 1 (38). Not sure what these codes mean or how to look them up. I tried the simple things like restarting my phone but that made no difference.

Can anyone help me with this? Thanks! :+1:


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I use the HBRecorder library and this seems a similar error which happens on some devices.:

HBRecorder in Flowx is nearly up-todate - one version behind. The next version is not a major update.

What is your phone/android version.


Hi Duane,

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy A03s and is running Android version 11.




This doesn’t look like the issue fixed in the recent release but I’ll update the library in the next release of Flowx.

It’ll be difficult for me to debug this issue remotely (via Flowx releases) but I can build a debug version of HBRecorder and send it to you to test if you want. It’ll allow you to change many settings (e.g, the video encoders) to find the ones that work on your phone.


Dear Duane,

Thank you very much for the very kind offer of sending the debug version of the HBRecorder. If you only knew how much I have to fight with techie stuff just to make it work, you’d realise why the kind offer brought a wry smile to my visage.

I still have my old phone to hand so if I feel that I want to share a video (which isn’t very often) I’ll just fire it up and use it.

Thank you very much for having a look at this. :+1: