Radar Reminder

Hello Flowx Users and Future Users. Just a Friendly Reminder Radar Shows Particles in the Air it could be dust, bugs, large flock of birds also just because you see a return on radar doesn’t mean it will reach the ground radar can’t determine that as they try to place radars above mountains be aware of your Elevation and Topography. Again Thank You for Using and Your Continued Support.

What is a weather radar?

Weather radar (also known as Doppler weather radar) is an instrument that sends pulses of electromagnetic energy into the atmosphere to find precipitation, determine its motion and intensity, and identify the precipitation type such as rain, snow or hail.

When the electromagnetic pulse strikes an object such as a raindrop or a snowflake, the wave reflects back to the radar with data that can be analyzed by meteorologists. Meteorologists can use this information to determine specific areas where dangerous weather conditions exist. As a result, radar can be an exceptional tool in a meteorologist’s arsenal for helping to protect life and property.



Also, IME, radar does not “see” drizzle or light rain. The radar screen may show overcast conditions, no rain, but in fact you are getting soaked. :cloud_with_rain::umbrella: